How Much is a Game Drive at Nairobi National Park?

how much does a game drive at Nairobi National Park cost?

Discovering how much is a game drive at Nairobi National Park involves considering several factors that tailor the experience to your preferences and needs. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of pricing, influenced by citizenship, optional extras, and your choice of safari vehicle, ensuring a clear understanding of the potential costs for your adventure.

Understanding Game Drive Cost Factors

Citizenship Pricing Variance

The cost of a game drive at Nairobi National Park varies with the visitor’s citizenship. Kenyan citizens and residents benefit from lower rates, while international visitors are subject to slightly higher fees. This pricing strategy makes wildlife experiences accessible to locals while inviting tourists to explore Kenya’s vibrant ecosystems.

Optional Extras for an Enhanced Safari

When determining the cost of a game drive at Nairobi National Park, consider these optional enhancements:

  • Picnic Breakfast or Lunch: Opting for a delightful meal amidst the park’s beauty can add a unique element to your safari.
  • Professional Photography: Secure professional photography services to capture the breathtaking moments of your adventure.
  • Day vs. Night Game Drives: Choosing between day and night drives affects the cost, with night drives priced higher due to their exclusive nature and the unique wildlife viewing opportunities they offer.

Vehicle Choice Impacts Your Experience and Cost

  • Tour Van vs. Landcruiser: The selection between a tour van and a Landcruiser influences not only the game drive experience but also how much it costs. While tour vans present a more economical choice, Landcruisers offer better access to the park’s challenging terrains and closer wildlife encounters, accounting for their higher price point.

Volume Discounts for Larger Groups

The are benefits of volume discounts. The cost per person can decrease significantly with larger traveling parties, thanks to the capacity of the vehicles. A Landcruiser can accommodate up to 7 passengers, while a tour van can carry 8, making it more economical per person for full bookings. This makes planning a safari with family or friends not only a memorable adventure but also a cost-effective one.

Game Drive with Campo EA Safaris

Do you want a game drive at Nairobi National Park tailored specifically to your preferences? Visit our Game Drive at the Nairobi National Park product page to explore detailed pricing information for various packages. Choose the perfect adventure that suits your budget and desires, and book today for an unforgettable safari experience in the heart of Kenya.

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